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WordPress is flexible, easy-to-use and although there’s a limited choice of templates, the end-result looks professional. I love the way WordPress regularly points users and readers to other sites with various links.

But I’m puzzled by some “possibly related posts” appearing at the bottom of my posts.

Many are loosely relevant. A handful are strange. And a few of them could be best described as “not even remotely related”. For example, my last post was a piece about the book “The Age of Unreason” written by Charles Handy.

One of the suggested links was clearly related. We were warned, we were! suggests the management guru predicted the current economic downturn. That’s fair enough. That’s slightly better than loosely relevant.

Another suggested link falls into the not even closely related category. Online Stories and other interactive goodies! lists some on-line sites of interest to teachers.

Somehow the WordPress “possibly related” algorithm linked this to Le Grand Echiquier 6 on the Shirley Bassey blog. I’m not entirely sure this isn’t a spoof. Whatever it is, it certainly qualifies as strange.

Equally odd, the Zemanta software, which I wrote about earlier here and here, must have read the reference to Shirely Bassey, dug around in the darkest recesses of its electronic mind and suggested James Bond as a tag for this post. Ms Bassey sang the theme song for one of the Bond movies, so I can see where the link might have come from, but that is still a long shot.

My conclusion from this is that the various possibly related algorithms now in use are still at an early development stage.

Update: Since I moved from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site these possibly related posts no longer appear.