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The National Business Review reports  Self-employment can be “a life of misery”.

I wish I knew this before embarking on my new life as a freelance journalist. Apart from dealing with taxes – the word misery doesn’t capture the nightmare – my experience is more of loneliness than anything else. I miss being able to bounce ideas around with co-workers.

2 thoughts on “Now they tell me

  1. I work harder now than I did when I had full time employment. It’s not an easy gig being a freelancer.

  2. You know, reading this gave me a flashback to an afternoon when we had coffee in North Sydney back in 1998 and you told me that freelancing reminded you of the Human League song “Life on your own”.

    I’ve got to say, I actually love the solitude that freelancing gives me but, after four years in a row of it, I think my social skills have been affected. Tax time is also a nightmare that no Human League song has captured.

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