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Ben Gracewood reminds Prime Minister John Key he would do better to focus on software than  food, technology manufacturing and film making. I couldn’t agree more.

Software is a growth industry, New Zealand is good at it and, as Gracewood says, software scales well.

As examples he names Vend, Xero and his own business Marker Metro along with NZ-based iOS developers.

Gracewood rightly isn’t interested in incubators or start-up competitions. Instead he wants to see software developers glorified as much as dairy farmers.  He suggests replacing farming news segments with software news and holding software equivalents of “National field days”.

Those last two points are interesting. New Zealand’s existing technology media is barely keeping its head above water. And it has been a long time since there was anything remotely approaching a technology national field day.

There is an audience for technology news in New Zealand. It is near impossible to find advertisers or sponsors willing to finance independent, quality technology media.

I should know, I’ve worked in that area most of my life.