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Google New Zealand

Murad Ahmed of The Times reports Krishna Bharat says Google didn’t kill newspaper business. Instead the man who invented Google News thinks his company can help save the industry.

Bharat rightly points out newspapers were publishing online before Google atomised stories for Google News. What’s more, their content has been free for years – it wasn’t something imposed by Google. And he says newspaper classified advertisements died out before Google was on the scene.

Newspapers were in long-term decline before Google arrived – since before the web.

Bharat says Google is now working with newspaper publishers who are building paywalls to help them make money from their stories.

As a former editor and publisher I can say I’ve always been thrilled when Google News featured a story from one of my titles – it drive huge amounts of traffic to the sites. I’ve never seen Google as an enemy. At worst it is neutral.

There’s a delicious irony that I read this story at The Australian, not in its original form at The Times, which is now behind a paywall.

We didn’t kill newspapers, says Google