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We’ve always been at war with Eastasia
– 1984

Fortress Google under siege quotes Wellington technology industry lawyer Michael Wigley who mentions Google’s “difficult communication channels”. 

One of those difficult communication channels is the Google New Zealand blog.

It turns out it is neither written in New Zealand, nor is it a blog in the generally accepted sense. 

Material on the site is mainly written or at least uploaded by Sydney-based Johnny Luu.

Luu may do exactly the job Google customers want. Even so, I’d be uncomfortable claiming it is a New Zealand blog when an American company gets the thing written in Australia.

I’m on shakier ground pointing out Google’s so-called ‘blog’ isn’t interactive and therefore strictly speaking isn’t a blog. A lot of things that call themselves blogs don’t allow reader comments or other forms of interactivity.

The so-called Google New Zealand blog is a metaphor for the way Google misleads and hides.