Google Related Links is a tool to help push traffic around a web site.

In theory it does the same job as Zemanta‘s Interesting Articles feature – it allows you to add a list of related stories and Google searches to pages.

At the moment there’s a test page at Googlelabs.

It isn’t as elegant as Zemanta – and it certainly doesn’t integrate well with WordPress. But its results are interesting. I tested the service on my earlier post: Windows 7 is great. Its price isn’t.

Here’s what it came back with:

Related Links by Google
Norton’s troubled Internet Security Windows 7 beta at Bill Bennett
Microsoft’s Security Essentials is almost un-noticable at Bill Bennett
Layoffs no panacea | Bill Bennett
Norton Internet Security – the alternatives at Bill Bennett

In memoriam Twitter at Bill Bennett
When Outlook trumps Gmail at Bill Bennett
Go East young man (or woman) | Bill Bennett
Computer security guide – what are the main threats? at Bill Bennett

Related Searches by Google
windows 7
windows 7 download
windows 7 review
isn’t it

As you can see only two of the eight “related links” are directly relevant. Although another might just qualify if we are generous. And only one of the five ‘related searches’ is useful. That’s 3 and a half out of 13 or around a 23 percent success rate. Obviously some work is needed.

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