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Google Sheets, Excel and doing numbers online

At Box Free IT Alexy Mitko asks: Is Google Sheets good enough to replace Excel?

The correct answer to this kind of question is that it depends on what you’re trying to do.

Google Sheets it good for quick and dirty calculations or for managing lists — particularly if you work with others. It does co-operation better than any alternative.

For anything more complicated Excel has the necessary firepower. Many professionals who work with numbers would never dream of moving away from Excel. And quite right too, it does a better job of handling larger spreadsheets and more complicated tasks.

Accountants prefer Excel to Google Sheets

Mitko answers the question from an accountant’s view. He says Excel fits accounting work better than Google Sheets:

… the Excel model better fits the way most accounting firms delegate the work. Most accountants work sequentially in their individual roles. There is constant communication between clients, accountants, managers and directors, but only one accountant works on a clearly defined task, which is then reviewed and signed off.

I’m a freelance journalist, so I rarely deal with spreadsheets for anything more than making lists or doing my cash flow forecast. My needs are basic enough to be covered by any tool. I find Google Sheets tricky to use although I admit that might be down to lack of practice.

The free online version of Excel is the best tool for quick and dirty number crunching. I keep my spreadsheet documents on OneDrive and access them from my laptop, iPad and phone. That online integration works better in the Google world, but Microsoft has it humming smoothly enough for most users.



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