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What's the betting Google's Chromebook promotion refers to US pricing? Has anyone seen a NZ$249 device in the wild?
What’s the betting Google’s Chromebook promotion refers to US pricing? Has anyone seen a NZ$249 device in the wild? It isn’t as if Google doesn’t know I’m connecting to Chrome from New Zealand – the company closely watches just about every step people make online.

7 thoughts on “Google’s misleading Chromebook promotion

  1. From a technical standpoint I can see how there could be situations where the ad is not aware of what the browser is, but adding USD isn’t that hard, especially when the web is basically country-agnostic.

    • The ad is clearly Chrome-specific it’s the new tab page. And given my Chrome home tab is Google NZ, it will have known the page used to open it.

      I can’t decide if it’s American cultural insensitivity – the world outside the USA simply doesn’t matter – or just Google incompetence.

      • As I said, from a programming standpoint I can see how it doesn’t have that information. It’s called Separation of Concerns.

  2. Yes, I see your point, but Google doesn’t always separate things out that way. For example, the new tab page is customised specifically for the Google apps I use. In other words, the page knows it’s me and Google knows I’m in New Zealand.

    If Google wanted to sell me a Chromebook, it missed a sitting duck opportunity.

    • I won’t argue about that. Google have a bad reputation for not getting the details right.

  3. There is US$199 device from Acer (which would equate to approx. NZ$249). I can’t comment on stockists or availability in NZ though…

    • You’re possible correct, this is the page it goes to:


      Which as you can see is an NZ domain. That page refers to a $199 Acer Chromebook. If you try and click through the Buy Now button, you get taken to a page with retailers in the US, UK, France and the Netherlands. Most of the pages are dead ends, but I did get to an Amazon UK page which will sell me the Chomebook for £199.00 plus postage (I bailed on the purchase at that point)..That’s NZ$363.

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