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PC User has long reigned as one of Australia’s most popular tech magazine in print, but has had a restricted online help station and not a full-blown website.

Yesterday a beta version of a new site was on display at pcuser.net.au (no longer online).

The site looks great, perhaps a little too like WordPress – don’t they all these days? In fact it uses Drupal.

It contains much of what readers would expect from PC User: help, reviews, guides and downloads, in that order. A note from editor Glenn Rees explains what’s going on and says more content will be added in coming weeks.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is Rees says many of the big features and the exclusive software will be held back for the print magazine.

PC User’s greatest strength has always been its status as the technology magazine for people who don’t regard themselves as geeks. Its focus is on practical, not bleeding edge, computing.