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Matthew Stibbe at the Bad Language blog posts on how to guarantee your writing project will fail.

He makes six good points. Here’s the top one:

Don’t give a brief. Or a bad one. Or an incomplete one. I’ve said it before, but almost every bad project can be traced back to a bad brief, so this is your go-to screw up if you want to guarantee an epic fail.

I agree. I’ve just started a writing business here in New Zealand and while I haven’t yet developed a standard brief template, I can already see getting a formal brief can help enormously.

A good brief doesn’t have to be long or complicated. It does need to be clear.

One thought on “How to make sure your writing project will fail

  1. It doesn’t have to be a formal brief – it can be as quick as five minutes or 100 words – but you really need some kind of brief to refer to. I’ve got a case at the moment where I’ve done a new case study for the same client – the tenth or twelfth for them – and suddenly there’s a new manager who thinks the style, flow, audience should be different. I don’t have a brief to fall back on as I got into a repeat pattern with the client and now I have to rewrite the case study. Argghhh.

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