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Bill Bennett


HP ElitePad 900 hints at future tablets

HP’s ElitePad is the argument for buying a Windows 8 tablet. That’s especially true for businesses hooked into Microsoft’s technology stack.

The HP ElitePad does Microsoft Office better than any other tablet – the two were made for each other. It also runs most modern Windows applications without fuss. It looks like Windows feels like Windows and hooks directly into Windows infrastructure.

With time new Windows tablets will come along that eclipse the ElitePad 900. HP, wisely, says it plans to keep the model on sale until early next year. That will make it easier for companies to standardise on the hardware.

HP hints of ElitePads with more powerful processors waiting in the wings. That’s important.

The Atom processor powering today’s ElitePad 900 is enough to run two or three everyday apps at the same time. As I’ve already said, it handles Microsoft Office well. Although there are a few odd things.

For most workers the Atom-powered  ElitePad 900 is all the computer they will need. The processor isn’t quite powerful enough to handle more complex processing jobs – particularly those required by content creators. My music production software struggles, Photoshop struggles. I haven’t tried it, but I’m certain InDesign would struggle.

When HP shoehorns an Intel i5 or i7 processor – or their equal – into an ElitePad format, the tablet will become a full desktop PC replacement.



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