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HP marketing still struggling

HP Elitepad

Twenty years ago a visiting Hewlett-Packard executive admitted his company wasn’t good at marketing. He said if the company had invented sushi, it would have sold it as “cold, dead fish”.

At least one of HP’s CEOs in the years since then had a marketing background. And yet the company is still as poor as ever at communications.

I recently wrote about HP’s ElitePad 900 in NZ Business magazine. It is a great product. We like to use images in the magazine to help readers see what a product looks like. The image at the top of the page comes from HP’s website. It does a nice job showing what the Elitepad looks like in use.

Below is the official press photograph sent by HP’s hapless public relations team. Apart from the annoying, crass, hard sell, it doesn’t give a clue about the device’s size or how it might be used in practice.

HP still hasn’t got to first base on marketing.

Can anyone remind me what HP is supposed to be selling here?
What is HP selling here?



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