HTC One M8

Update: Telecom NZ says there are delays with the HTC One M8 reaching New Zealand and the phone may not now be available in April.

Going by the reaction in sections of the overseas technology press, last year’s best phone was the HTC One. That’s right, a phone hardly anyone heard of and even fewer people bought.

On paper, at least, reviewers said is was better than Apple’s swanky iPhone 5S or the popular Samsung Galaxy S4.

HTC says the reason the phone didn’t sell in large numbers was down to problems with the company’s supply chain. It says it couldn’t keep up with demand. As a result HTC suffered a bad year. Today the company is smaller.

Now it gets another roll of the best phone dice with the One M8. The people who named it should be taken  out and shot.

If nothing else, the One M8 proves HTC can still make good phones, even if its marketing is less than respectable.

Once again overseas reviewers are full of praise for the phone. Telecom NZ says it will start selling the One M8 in mid-April.

It’ll be interesting to see how the phone fares here. Overseas the One M8 costs less than rival devices. The New Zealand list price is $1099 – much the same as you’d pay for a Samsung Galaxy S5.

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