Few technology publications are as specialist or focused as Interface; a computer magazine for New Zealand school teachers.

Interface is now one year old and published eight times a year – a strange schedule until you realise that it means two editions each school term. The glossy A4 magazine typically runs to 40 pages, 36 printed on gloss art paper and the cover on heavier stock.

While the nominal cover price is $8, and you can buy copies, Interface doesn’t sell on bookstands. Most readers are subscribers and there are deals for multiple subscriptions going to a single school. The circulation is not audited, but according to the publisher it sits at around 8,000.

About 30 percent of the pages are advertising – there’s solid support from educational specialists as well as top technology brands such as Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard.

Interface is published by G Media, in effect, the editor Greg Adams. Editorially it has a mixture of news and case studies along with how-to stories. It feels more like a teaching resource than a conventional computer magazine or newspaper, though it typically leads with news stories on the front cover.

Most, if not all, content is locally written – often by practicing teachers. The writing style is mainly journalistic, even chatty and shows Adams’ newspaper pedigree.

Starting in July, Interface magazine will also be published in Malaysia, inserted into Just English, a monthly teacher’s magazine with a circulation of 10,000.

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