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Publishing has changed. The old media rules have gone.

Readers are in control. They have new ways to share knowledge.

And everything happens at breakneck speed.

You don’t need a large company to publish. You don’t need print. You don’t even need your own servers, designers or developers. You could get by without an office – but that may not be the best idea.

You certainly don’t need a bloated management corps sucking ideas, life and resources away from the frontline operation.

A computer, smartphone or tablet is enough so long as there’s a decent connection.

You no longer need large amounts of capital – although some money is necessary. Almost all income can go to the people producing the words, pictures, audio or video.

People still want information. Facts come first. Informed opinion is good.

Publishers, editors and front-line journalists are no longer remote from audiences. They can’t preach from ivory towers. Readers respond almost immediately correcting mistakes, disputing facts, opposing views.

That’s something to celebrate, not run from.