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How I feel about iPad URL embedding
How I feel about iPad URL embedding

For 18 months or so I’ve used my iPad to write news stories, blog posts and other articles while on the move. Coupled with a wireless keyboard the iPad is better than a standard laptop with longer battery life, less distraction and increased portability.

It turns out none of the writing apps can add or embed URLs into a document. That usually doesn’t matter, I don’t need to add them or if I do there will be just one which I can list at the end of the story. And it doesn’t matter if I writing a blog post because the WordPress app CAN insert URLs.

Soon I’ll be back on the road. I was planning to travel light with just my iPad and keyboard for writing.That plan is scuppered because I write a daily column that includes as many as 30 URLs embedded in the text.

This is a problem. I sold my old laptop. Luckily Mrs B has an old one stashed away, so I’ll get to relive the pleasures of Windows XP for a few days. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

2 thoughts on “iPad can’t embed links? Now you tell me

  1. Embedding URLs is dangerous and difficult and you should be glad that Apple is protecting you…

    My first thought was that QuickOffice might let you embed URLs – it does other things Pages won’t let you, including using Dropbox. But I can’t see any way to do it on my copy of the app. You can do it in Android – at least with Documents to Go.

    The latter app is also available for iPad, so maybe that’s an option. Unless Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has set iOS up so it can’t be done. Worth checking though.

  2. If you type a URL into Pages it will automatically embed it. You can then tap on it and edit it and change “http://www etc” into something more reader-friendly.

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