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3 thoughts on “Linkedin nonsense jobs recommendations

  1. I don’t get anything too crazy, just above my skill level right now. Except for Private Equity Analyst, I don’t even know what that is.
    I would say if you had some insight into their algorithm there would be some crazy reason for it coming up. Maybe you’ve said ‘taking the piss’ too much? :p

    • I can just about see how the algorithm might come up with Xero marketing manager. Even though I have zero marketing experience, I do write about technology. The rest are just crazy.

      Actually, I’d expect a smart algorithm to look at the results for me, figure out the links are too weak and decide there’s nothing for Bill Bennett this week. That way, if it does find something I’ll be more inclined to take notice.

      • Or they could learn… have up/down vote mechanism on suggestions.

        I think their algorithm for me is ‘oh, he is in a web group so any jobs tagged as web are right for him’.

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