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Microsoft’s mobile comeback fades

Dan Frommer's analysis show Microsoft mobile not firing in US smartphone market
Dan Frommer’s analysis show Microsoft not firing in US smartphone market

Writing at Splat F, Dan Frommer says the Microsoft mobile comeback isn’t happening. He says the company is still “basically irrelevant”.

Frommer’s commentary is fair enough. He says Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are solid products. And he points out at least Microsoft’s share isn’t sinking.

Yet, as the graph show, Microsoft’s US market share is stagnating. That must concern the company. He says the US is crucial to Microsoft if the company is to matter in mobile.

But that’s where things get confusing. As I mentioned last week in Windows Phone gaining ground, other figures from Kantar show Microsoft’s share of smartphone OS sales increased year-on-year from 2.7% to 4.1%. That’s a tiny share of the total, but a huge jump on earlier numbers.

The numbers are small and only six months since the first Microsoft’s WP8 phones arrived. It  may be too early to get a clear picture. Microsoft is notoriously slow-moving by tech industry standards, we won’t know how the comeback is progressing until the second half of this year.



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