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Jargon makes it easier to write about technology. Technical ideas are easier to explain using the private language of engineers and geeks.

Even so, try to keep jargon under control. And only use it in context.

There’s no excuse for indulging in the robot-speak used by corporations and government departments.

Jargon doesn’t make you look smarter. It tells your readers you’re a pompous windbag.

Jargon makes your words, and your meaning, harder to understand.

Remember, not every reader is a native English speaker.

Some pet hates:

  • Ongoing – and ongoing situation is worse.
  • Going forward – if you mean in the future say so.
  • Ground rules.
  • Upturn.
  • Outcome is a particularly nasty piece of political and bureaucratic jargon for result.
  • Currently.


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