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Bill Bennett


John Key on the Wellington IT Industry

Getting Prime Minister John Key in front of Wellington’s IT success stories is a political coup for mayoral candidate Nicola Young.

In theory Key and the National government should be a natural fit with freewheeling technology entrepreneurs. Yet Key’s government seems out of touch with the needs of a modern, global digital economy. This needs to change.

While technology companies do not speak with a single voice, many have talked of problems with recent legislation. There’s disquiet over the GCSB and TICs legislation. Both could put barriers between technology exporters and overseas customers.

Likewise some are not happy with proposed changes to the Telecommunications Act to discriminate against copper broadband connections. Others are still smarting over the 2011 Copyright Act changes.

So a more open dialogue between the prime minister and the industry is needed. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time Key gets in front of tech successes.



One thought on “John Key on the Wellington IT Industry

  1. I’m very doubtful any positive changes cna be made, no matter who is in power. Unfortunately I think we’ve let the US and other countries tie to many strings for us to be called anything but puppets in the multinational technology sector, but I will still be fighting for change and for people who have vision and understanding to be at the top.

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