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This week’s reading list:

The E-Learning Curve Blog: Emergence of Knowledge Workers: a Short History.

At first sight Michael Hanley’s history looks too short to say anything useful. It is one of a series of related posts defining the nature of knowledge work and knowledge workers. You may like to read this and compare it with my Just who are the Knowledge Workers?

Cube Rules: Career Management Needs Adaptive Change.

Scot Herrick blogs about the difference between technical and adaptive change.

LG & Associates Search / Talent Strategy: “Making Talent a Strategic Priority”: Thoughts From the Fringe (Part 1).

Ex-marine sergeant Josh le Tourneau quotes from a McKinsey Quarterly article Making Talent A Strategic Priority. Interestingly he argues the companies who make the most noise about talent are  the ones who underpay the human resource executives expected to manage the companies’ talent pool.

The Cutter Blog: The New Knowledge Workers: Are they a new breed? Are they different? (Does it matter?).

Three questions in one headline here. While all are relevant to knowledge workers, you won’t find the answers in this post. The post leads to a questionnaire. Author Robert Mason promises further discussion in future posts. Although the Cutter Consortium has a clear IT industry orientation, this promises to be a rich line of investigation into the way knowledge workers are (or are not) changing.