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ZDNet Australia reports Google Australia calls for mandatory comp sci until year 10. The aim is to reverse the falling numbers of university computer science students.:

Google has called upon the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to increase the exposure of Australian primary and secondary school students to computer science, by making the new Digital Technologies subject mandatory from kindergarten until year 10.

If falling university computer science rolls is a problem – I’m not convinced it is – then the problem is not whether school children were force-fed the subject. It’ll be more because students view the courses as dull and unrewarding or because they don’t see a positive future for comp sci graduates.

These issues need addressing before teachers frog-march kiddies to compulsory programming or whatever.

Also, if government decides there’s a strategic need to train more young people in computer science, then subsidise fees for the course – that’ll work out a lot cheaper and more effective than any alternative.


One thought on “Mandatory school computer science no answer

  1. I think what comp sci in schools really needs is teachers who know what they’re talking about. Let’s be honest, you can earn a lot more in an average comp sci job than in teaching. And as it is now the students know more than the teachers teaching the class.

    If kids are gonna get interested in comp sci a more variegated course needs to be set up, not just basic folder manipulation and the definition of OS. When I started my Comp Sci degree the level was like learning times tables in a Math degree. I already knew the first two years of my course from playing around at home in college.

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