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Framing Facebook: It’s not about technology

Put aside for one moment the recent headlines. Forget about Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg facing politicians in Washington. And park everything you’ve heard about Cambridge Analytica. There are problems with the way most media organisations report Facebook. It’s something no-one ever talks about. The first problem is that media organisations are not disinterested external observers. […]

Sky TV fights piracy battle that’s already been won

Sky TV launched legal action in a bid to force ISPs to block access to streaming and video download websites. As you’d expect, the move didn’t go down well with the industry. At least two ISPs say they will fight Sky in court. Sky sent notice that it will seek court orders for Spark, Vodafone, […]

Duck Duck Go versus Google juggernaut

For the last month Duck Duck Go has been my default search engine on my computers, tablets and phone. It’s not the first time I’ve tried this experiment. Unlike other search engines Duck Duck Go doesn’t track your searches. You’ll see advertising based on your search terms, but they don’t relate back to earlier searches. Nor are […]