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Reader donations for print

Music magazine Paste asked readers to help it out of its money troubles. The print magazine needed $300,000. After ten days it collected $175,000 in reader donations. Some public broadcasting radio and TV stations raise money through donations. This mainly happens in the US but the idea is starting to take root elsewhere. Can this […]

Micropayments for online reading

There’s debate in publishing circles about whether consumers will pay for online content. Rupert Murdoch recently moved from the free content camp to thinking out loud about charging readers micropayments to view news. Now Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal says it will press ahead with a micropayment scheme as well as more conventional subscriptions. Reuters columnist Eric […]

New Zealand technology press users’ guide: updated

There have been a few changes since the first users’ guide to New Zealand’s technology press was written in August 2008. Computerworld has switched to fortnightly publishing and now has a smaller page size. Tone and CIO have moved to a bi-monthly schedule. The Action Media titles now have websites. IDG’s titles were published under […]

Ten tips to make sure your press release fails

Any fool can write a good press release that hits its target audience and creates an impact. Writing one that fails means work. There are people who have mastered the art. As an editor I’ve seen some great efforts over the years. I’d like to share them with you. Here are my top ten tips […]