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New Zealand’s technology press

New Zealand’s technology press is well past its peak oil moment but there’s still life left. Once there were more than 20 active locally published print titles covering computers and related technologies. At the top of the market, the collective circulation of these titles would have run to more than 400,000. Today the total circulation of […]

How to get publicity for your business

Marketing communications – telling customers about your products and services – has two parts: advertising and publicity. Advertising is straightforward. You pay money, the media company publishes or broadcasts your message. You control your message and its presentation. Advertising is a commercial transaction. Publicity is different Publicity also costs money – plenty of businesses accept […]

PC World New Zealand

PC World New Zealand has an ABC circulation of 15,565 and Nielsen readership figure of 148,000. That makes it New Zealand’s most-read specialist technology publication. Published monthly, in New Zealand that means 11 issues a year with a joint December and January edition. In August 2006 Fairfax Business Media bought the New Zealand licence for PC […]

Journalist bloggers

Two bloggers posted journalist perspectives on the power of blogs. Both are recent blogging converts. Both have worthwhile observations. In why journalists must learn the values of the blogging revolution, The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade argues that in the past journalists were secular priests pontificating to the great unwashed. He says news was a one-way traffic. […]