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Duck Duck Go versus Google juggernaut

For the last month Duck Duck Go has been my default search engine on my computers, tablets and phone. It’s not the first time I’ve tried this experiment. Unlike other search engines Duck Duck Go doesn’t track your searches. You’ll see advertising based on your search terms, but they don’t relate back to earlier searches. Nor are […]

HTC faces backlash over keyboard pop-up ads

The phone maker says the pop-ups have been seen because of an “error” to the annoyance of users. Source: Backlash over pop-up ads on keyboard – BBC News HTC has responded to the fuss over the pop-up ads on its Android keyboard. The company says the move was “an error”. Yeah right. From the outside […]

Concerns about smart speakers are real

They capture data and insights about us and will become irresistible to hackers. Source: Why concerns about smart speakers are real – The Listener Peter Griffin writes: Let’s not kid ourselves – these smart speakers are not really about our convenience but capturing more data and insights about us as humans and consumers and channelling […]

New Zealand’s broadband television end game in sight

Here in New Zealand, television stories dominate the week’s telecommunications news. Sky and Vodafone bow to the inevitable and call off their merger. Meanwhile TVNZ goes all in on streaming video. For more than 40 years journalists have written about convergence. The telecommunication triple play idea: combining voice, data and television, is well over 20 […]