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If your message matters don’t use Facebook

Facebook MessengerIf you need to contact someone in a hurry, don’t use Facebook or other social media. That is, unless you know the person is happy getting messages that way. Many do, many do not.

Facebook is huge. It has 1.6 billion users. Facebook and its assorted apps account for about 30 percent of all US internet use.

Given those numbers, your message stands a good chance of getting through.

With a billion people spending 20 minutes a day on the site, statistics say your message should reach its target sooner rather than later.

Yet not every person is on Social media. Not even in the world’s rich countries . Not all the people with Facebook accounts are frequent site visitors. Many users are, to use the popular jargon, not engaged.

So unless you know your target will read your message before too long, social media is not the best way to send important messages. It can be hit and miss.

Published by Bill Bennett

Not actually a geek, more a chronicler of geekdom. Still mainly a journalist, sometimes a blogger.

2 replies on “If your message matters don’t use Facebook”

  1. Good advice Bill. I also suffer from email overload so if people really want to make contact with me SMS or phone call is best:)

    1. It’s amazing how the phone has fallen from favour, yet it remains by far the most efficient form of two way conversation.

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