Mary Jo Foley reports for ZDNet:

Microsoft is cutting the price it charges PC makers for each copy of Windows 8 they sell from US$50 to US$15, but only on low-end devices.

It only applies to devices under US$250 (NZ$300). There aren’t many at that price, Foley could only find one example. However, the size of Microsoft’s cut means anything under US$300 is a candidate.

Smart move. After mark-ups, at the low-end a $50 Windows licence can represent as much as a quarter of the consumer price. Until now the hefty entry fee has left the low-end to Android and Chrome.

The story doesn’t make it clear if the decision was post-Ballmer. If so it could hint where the company is heading under new CEO Satya Nadella.

One thought on “Microsoft aggressive on low-end Windows licences

  1. Is there anything in the New Zealand market that this would effect? Anything we might see as a result?

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