Mobile data costs many times more than fixed-line data, but it is less expensive that you might think:

For less than the standard cost of a prepay text message, you could check your balance on a mobile-optimised online banking website, download a Charles Dickens novel from Project Gutenberg, and have an entire conversation via Facebook Messenger.

Jon Brewer, Inside Telecommunications – Sending party pays to bridge digital divide


One thought on “Mobile data surprisingly inexpensive

  1. What is the standard cost of a prepay text message? Sorry if they say it in the article this is one instance of tl;dr because I just wanted a table of numbers and that they did not have.

    For instance, I was on prepay txt on Telecom previously, so afaik it was $12 for 1000 txt messages = 1.2c per txt.
    Telecom’s site is insane to navigate so I can’t find it anymore, but iirc it’s 500MB for $10; 1.2c of data is 614Kb if I did that right.

    Now, you can theoretically do that stuff maybe, but you try in irl and you’ve run up 10MB on your phone before you’ve even finished on the eBook unless you are ocd and tyrannical about reigning in your phone. Even Android phones with their data use policies you can set still get me using 500MB of data in an hour.

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