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HTC Sensation, Huawei Ideos X5 compared

HTC’s Sensation is not a direct competitor to Huawei’s Ideos X5. At NZ$1100, HTC’s flagship Sensation costs almost twice as much as the NZ$600 Ideos X5. How much extra hardware and user expereince does an extra NZ$500 buy? It boils down to four things: Display quality, processor power, battery life and bundled software. There are other minor differences. These […]

Paper business cards still popular

Social networking means getting and staying in touch with others has never been easier. We pack pocket-sized electronic devices that should help. So you might expect the days of printed paper business cards to be numbered. They are not. At least not yet. My collection continues grows at the same steady rate it always did. […]

The best netbook for porn?

The netbook idea is sound: a small, low-cost computer with just enough grunt to browse the web, send mail and write simple documents yet highly portable with decent battery life. As a working journalist, pretty much every model caters for most of my needs. However, I specifically would like to see the following features: A robust […]