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In the earlier post Economy at risk as IT graduate numbers fall? I pointed out the weirdness of a story speculating about the shortage of computer science graduates triggering the collapse of New Zealand’s entire economic infrastructure at a time when US employers are sacking large numbers of IT workers.

It appears there could be a fresh supply of willing recruits closer to hand. In today’s Australia IT, Jennifer Foreshew writes:

The economic downturn has prompted jittery employers to force IT staff to take leave over the holiday season following a widespread slowdown in activity.

What’s more, she continues: “The moves come as the IT employment sector experiences a big slump, with job vacancies down as much as 30 percent compared with 12 months ago.”

This should be contrasted with this paragraph from the New Zealand Herald story which, presumably, can be attributed to John Hosking who is a professor of computer science at the University of Auckland:

Parents often had a strong influence over their children’s career selection, and following the dot-com crash there was a perception that IT was not a solid career choice.

Which just goes to show. Sometimes, mummy and daddy do know best.