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Rupert Murdoch on the future of print: “I just love communicating with people, whether print, TV, print, mobile and others. Print will be there for at least 20 years and outlive me.”

That’s a timetable I can live with. I always hoped print would see my career out even if I do make more money from online writing these days.

You can say a lot about Rupert Murdoch. What you can’t do is call him a fool. The man knows newspapers. Goddamit, he LOVES newspapers. So do I.

Murdoch puts his money where his mouth is. Murdoch still invests in newspapers. He invests in news, in reporting, in editors and in journalists. That’s admirable. He also owns TV companies, book publishers and large slabs of the internet. He isn’t a private equity blow-in with a team of Excel jockey accountants trying to screw ridiculously high profit margins from an industry which historically has made decent but unspectacular returns.

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