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On TV3 talking Muse brainwave sensing headband

Muse brainwave sensing headband TV3

Muse is a brainwave-sensing headband from Thought-Wired. It comes with software for computers and phones to help you manage stress, increase focus and enhance cognitive awareness.

It’s another type of wearable device. Similar to the sports bands you wear on your wrist. The idea is that you can train your brain to calm your mind and that will make you more productive. Muse costs NZ$450.

On Monday morning I talked about Muse on TV3’s Firstline.

Thought-Wired is an interesting outfit. I met it at Microsoft TechEd where it was showing another brainwave sensing device which controls a computer. The demonstration was a simple game where you organise your thoughts to line up brainwaves and make an onscreen barrel explode.

It’s going to take years and a lot of hard work, eventually this technology should allow severely disabled people to use their brainwaves to use computers, communicate and even control devices. That’s one of the most exciting technology goals I’ve heard in recent times.



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