For most of the last six years I’ve subscribed to New Scientist magazine. My degree is in Physics and I like to keep up to date with the subject – even if only in a casual way.

Right now I’m on a subscription breather. I do this when the pile of unread paper magazines gets too high. Most likely I’ll subscribe again early in the New Year.

Or maybe not.

A one year subscription to the New Scientist print and web editions costs NZ$255. That’s a good price.

What isn’t so good is the magazine wants NZ$383 to extend that subscription to smartphone and tablet. Presumably we’re not talking about accessing the standard website from mobile devices. I guess the extra NZ$130 or thereabouts is to pay for apps.

An online-only package including smartphone and tablet is NZ$229.

I’ve no objection to paying for an online subscription. I don’t expect to get this kind of information for free and lord knows its difficult to make money from selling advertising into online publications.

But to charge an extra $130 just to view content via an app seems steep.

One thought on “New Scientist’s annoying extra charges for online, smartphone, tablet

  1. It’s definitely trying to milk it, if a company can make (I’m going to assume) way better apps for $10 or less then so can New Scientist.

    The thing you should be paying for is content which should be a one time charge to go towards paying their journalists and fact-checkers etc.

    They’re just being greedy and seeing if they can get away with it. Even if they can’t I doubt they’ll lower the price, just jack it up a bit more for the people who do pay.

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