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New Zealand media on Twitter directory: Public relations

Twitter nameWho or what you get     
@acumenrepublicAcumen Republic
@AmnestyNZAmnesty International NZ
@BBCnewzealandGreg Ward Media Training (And NZ news for BBC World Service)
@belindanashBelinda Nash, NZ Girl
@bigyowlAllan Botica, Botica Butler Raudon
@billyralstonBill Ralston, communications, crisis management, columnist
@BoticaPRBotica Butler Raudon Public Relations Partners
@Bruce_Fraser3Strategic communications and relationship management
@caanzCatherine Arrow, public relations consultant
@CateOwenCate Owen, digital person for TV3
@ClaireDelClaire Del
@communecoEco-friendly media relations company, Auckland-based
@ericalloydErica Lloyd, External Relations Manager, BNZ
@FleurRevellFleur Revell, Impact PR
@goodeprfull-service public relations consultancy
@haeremaiBrenda Saunders, Trio Communications director and PRINZ College of Fellows chair
@iChildMonica Wales, Media planner and buyer, ad industry blogger
@IronJack35Jacky James, IronJack PR
@jduvalsmithJennifer Duval-Smith, Bullet PR
@JulieLandryJulie Landry
@LouDxxLou Draper
@markomprMarkom Public Relations
@paulpursuitPaul O’Leary, Pursuit PR
@peadprBrand building public relations in Auckland & Sydney
@pn_nzPorter Novelli New Zealand
@prconzPress Release distribution through pr.co.nz
@scottkaraScott Kara, Boyd PR
@SenateSHJ_NZSenate SHJ
@simcmanusSimon Mcmanus, McManus Tourism Communications
@sknightlyStephen Knightly, Pursuit PR
@SwaytechSpecialist tech PR company
@The_SaurusRachael Joel at Botica Butler Raudon
@troyRFTroy Rawhiti-Forbes, social media at Spark
@waltersprnzJacquie Walters, Walters PR, Nelson
New Zealand media on Twitter directory: Public relations

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8 thoughts on “New Zealand media on Twitter directory: Public relations

  1. Work for Whangarei District Council but also have my own consultancy Prose New Zealand Limited. All PR services, specialising in media relations, strategy, professional/technical and local government.

  2. Twitter Bruce_Fraser3

    All PR services specialising in strategic PR aligning business and PR goals.

  3. Sorry – typo!
    Hannah Watterson on 01/12/2011 at 3:30 pm said:

    @HannahWatto – principal of Watterson Marketing Communications, Sydney-based PR consultancy representing clients across Australia and New Zealand.

  4. @SiMcmanus has recently joined Core Communications. – please update, thanks Bill. And I will be updating both websites v.soon.


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