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Employers and government have no right to whinge about workers queuing at the Oz Job Expo in Auckland.

Radio NZ reports more than 6000 people attended the event. The expo helped Australian employers hire New Zealand workers.

Australian employers pay more than New Zealand bosses for the same work. In some cases 40 percent more. That’s a big jump before you get to Australia’s lower taxes and living costs.

New Zealanders can improve their wealth by jumping on a plane and heading west.

I worked in Australia for ten years. My family was financially better off by a huge margin.

But it is not just about money. Australian employers offer better working conditions than New Zealand companies. They treat employees better, although they demand more performance and effort. The work is more interesting – and if you want it – more challenging. I loved that aspect more than anything.

Not everything is positive. I found commuting draining in Sydney, houses are expensive and at times the weather was just too hot. On top of that we had snakes in the garden and bush fires reached close to our Sydney home.

Australia is clearly a better place to work.

This should worry New Zealand’s politicians.

But the real problem is for New Zealand’s employers. They need to wake up and realise the talent market is international and not just at the top-level. I fear they won’t get it until too late.