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3 thoughts on “New Zealand’s world class broadband – Stevezone

  1. I agree with that, and that is why I advise to go with Orcon over Slingshot or anyone else (haven’t had problems with Vodafone so far, but I’m still not a fan). Not all ISPs are equal and even though Orcon have the worst customer service I have ever used, their actual Internet service is great.

    I will say it did take someone pointing it out to realise that we can’t rate our whole country versus Tokyo or Seoul, and we are very blessed in how our country is shaped/population distributed. I would hate to do rural broadband in the US.

  2. Just a sidenote; do you care about ‘likes’ and ratings? I notice you don’t have the social media icons. I get notification via email, but I +1 your posts when I see them.

    • I turned all that stuff off on the site because it’s a distraction. The likes on Google+, retweets and Facebook still happen without me forcing it on readers.

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