While the numbers will be somewhat different in New Zealand, the message is clear. Just three years after the first modern tablets went on sale, they are almost as popular as printed newspapers.

Newspapers still make plenty of money. I suspect that for every dollar spent on advertising to New Zealand tablet users at least ten times that amount is spent on newspaper ads.


5 thoughts on “Where newspapers sit in the bigger picture

  1. I’m surprised at the radio penetration, is that counting cars? Otherwise, who has a radio in their home?

    • I still have one – there’s also one in my phone. My kids have them. I doubt the NZ number would be 99%, but I’m certain it will be in the 90s.

      • Highly anecdotal evidence of course. I personally haven’t listened to the radio (on purpose) for around 6 years and haven’t watched tv (again, on purpose) for a couple of years.

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