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Nokia 7.1 phone

This giveaway is over. Natasha Quick from Auckland and Paul Cumming from Geraldine each won a Nokia 7.1 mobile phone. Congratulations. I found a slightly older Nokia 7 Plus in my review cupboard and held a bonus draw. Julia Norton won that phone. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who took part.  I used an online random number generator to pick the winners and first announced the results this morning on Twitter. The process could do with a little refinement, I plan to offer more giveaways between now and Christmas, so stay tuned. 

Original Post:

Spark has given me two Nokia 7.1 phones worth $600 to giveaway to readers. To find out more about this phone, check out my recent Nokia 7.1 phone review. The phone is remarkable value for money and has a non-nonsense version of Android. I like it a lot.

To win one of the phones you must use the panel on the right of the screen to subscribe to my site via email. You’ll need to have a valid email address and be a New Zealand resident to win the prize.

I have no intention of spamming anyone who signs up, although at some point in the future you might get an invitation to get an email newsletter. Nor will I sell or otherwise give your email to anyone else.

The other thing you have to do is leave a comment below this post saying you wants to be included in the draw. Only one entry per person. I trust you not to abuse this.

That’s it.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday November 25. I’ll announce the winners in the comments at the bottom of this post On Monday November 26.

This is my first giveaway, so it’s a test run of the procedure. If this works well, there’ll be a number of other giveaways between now and Christmas.

A couple of words about the phones. The first one is in an unopened box. The second one is the model I used to review the phone. That means I used it for a few days, it’s not scratched or damagaged. I’ll remember to reset it before I send it to you by NZ Post when the competitor closes.

114 thoughts on “Nokia 7.1 phone giveaway winners

  1. Please include me in the draw. I’ve been looking forward to trying Android One and the new Nokias, heard great things.

  2. Why do I want to win this??? Well, my 11 year old daughter has a more up-to-date phone than I do. And we bought hers second hand. And because I live in a house dominated by Apple devices, I think getting an Android phone would allow me a balanced view of mobile technology!

  3. Put me in the draw – having used my daughter’s Nokia 5.1 I’d happily take a 7.1 for myself

  4. Thanks Bill. I read your review when you first posted it and ever since I’ve had my eye on one of these for my wife’s three-yearly phone upgrade – hoping for a good deal on Boxing Day. I think winning one would make me husband of the year.

  5. Thanks Bill I would appreciate it if you would enter me into the draw for the phone Thanks
    David H

  6. The ‘fight’ between operating systems, computer and cell-phone etc. has always been dominated by money-motives rather than by technical and utilitarian excellence.

    IMO, and in the interests of human evolution, we need the benefits of an operating system following real-world paradigms addressing reality rather than gaming, virtualisation and self-indulgent cultures.

    In spite of the excellence afforded humanity by the underlying electronic-technologies, the dominant operating systems, driven more by profit-motives and social-media + gamer culture rather than enhancements with integrity and stability, are retarding our progress.,, …are Android and iOS etc. addressing our needs for more efficient and peaceful lives?

    Will my ‘winning’ of an IPhone enhance my real-life needs?
    Will my present trialling of a iPhone 5S iOS12 be abandoned in favour of some flavour of Android?

  7. Please enter me into the draw for this phone. Haven’t seen a Nokia in at least a decade! Brings back memories of having one around 2001. They were unbreakable! Cool to see a new version — I’d love to try it out, it looks like a great bit of kit.