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Remember when everyone was falling over themselves to be a Microsoft partner?

That isn’t happening with Windows Phone 8.

While Microsoft had little trouble getting phone makers Nokia, Samsung and HTC to create Windows 8 hardware, I’ve not seen much enthusiasm from the carriers, who in New Zealand are still the main channel for getting phones into consumer’s hands.

This wasn’t the case when Apple launched its iPhone 5, Telecom and Vodaphone were marketing that device with gusto from day one. Today the iPhone 5 is splashed all over the home page at Telecom.co.nz.  And all three carriers continue to push Android devices.

At the time of writing Vodafone is promoting Nokia’s Lumia 800. The phone uses an older version of Windows Phone, but you wouldn’t know that from reading the Vodafone site, there’s no mention at all of Windows.

In face you have to dig hard to find any mention of Windows 8 on any NZ carrier site. I entered Windows 8 in the search field on the home page of all three carriers, nothing relevant turned up.

This could be Microsoft’s biggest challenge in getting its new phone to the market.

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