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I never planned going completely paperless when I set out to reduce paper use as a freelance journalist.

But I thought I might get away without paper business cards.

After three months working part-time as the New Zealand editor for Communications Day I need business cards – too many people have asked me for one.

So how can I have a business card and cut paper use?

I found an answer with Moo MiniCards. At 28 by 70 mm they are half the size of everyday business cards – which means they use less paper.

My cards have images from the Science Museum in London printed on one side and contact details on the other side. The cards come in a neat box and took nine days to arrive.

I only bought 100 cards for US$19.99 plus another $13 for shipping. At a total of $US32.99 for 100 cards – about NZ$40 – they were expensive. The same money could have bought many more cards from a New Zealand printer, but I haven’t seen the half-size cards on offer locally.

What’s more, the Science Museum images and the small size give me something to talk about when I hand out a card.

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  1. Yes. I’ve tried to purge all pictures from the posts on this site. Although I think there are still a few lurking somewhere. It’s part of my new minimalist aesthetic.

    The picture of me at the top left is mainly to stop the site from being too bare.

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