You see plenty of passion if you spend time online.

Today someone “passionate about search engine optimisation” followed me on Twitter. I’ve come across people passionate about real estate, online marketing and customer service management.

They are either liars, deluded or insane.

I don’t know which is worse.

Passion or unhealthy obsession?

Sorry. Nobody is passionate about search engine optimisation. I shudder at the thought.

People might enjoy working in the field. They may enjoy it a lot and be excited by the money it pays. They may even get a buzz from the problem solving their work involves.

But they are not passionate. Not if they are mentally healthy.

Passion has become a meaningless word. Tired. A cliché. It tells me the person using it is an unimaginative idiot. Or lazy about language.

Be original, make that your goal

If you want to say you like something a lot, think up a new way of expressing the idea and we might listen.

And while we’re on the subject, the same applies to sexy.

Computers are not sexy. Pieces of software engineering are not sexy.

Or perhaps people have odd ideas about sex. It’s a little kinky if you ask me.

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