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Paul Spain of NZ Digital Podcast
Paul Spain of NZ Digital Podcast

NZ Tech Podcast producer and presenter Paul Spain has launched a new podcast which he says is for the “broader digital community”. That’s the people who use technology in areas like marketing, media, online publishing, social media and so on.

The idea is to reach a wider audience than the technology professionals and self-proclaimed geeks who listen to the weekly NZ Tech Podcast.

Although the target audience is, by definition, a keen consumer of media and well versed in creating content, there’s not much local programming aimed specifically at this niche.

I’m a fan of the podcast format – and a regular guest on the NZ Tech Podcast. Podcasts fill the same niche as talk radio – they are perfect for listing to on public transport or in the car.

NZ Digital Podcast

3 thoughts on “Paul Spain adds digital podcast

  1. I really wish I could listen to podcasts, I know there are quite a few that would interest me. Unfortunately I can do text or video, not audio only.

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