Going by reports from chipmaker Intel, the companies that make personal computers are not gearing for booming sales after the Windows 8 launch.

Intel says its net profit dropped 14% in the third financial quarter and the company is scaling back chip production in the, current, fourth quarter.

Intel’s production plans are generally read as an indicated of likely demand from PC makers. In effect, reducing production at a time when Microsoft is launching a new version of Windows is a vote against a recovery in PC sales. It says, there will be no bounce from the new operating system.

In the past PC makers have seen a significant increase in sales when a new version of Windows appears.




2 thoughts on “PC makers’ low expectations from Windows 8

  1. The era when Windows releases and PC sales could be tagged together is probably at an end. This isn’t just about low expectations for Win8 and it isn’t just about the rise of tablets. The history of Intel/Windows mutual sales surges reflects the evolving nature of the OS and the real demands on PC power each new version brought through those years. But those power demands – RAM, CPU, hard drive space – have stalled for businesses and home uses who mostly use business applications. I have PCs running Win XP, Win Vista and Win7 and all are perfectly functional for basic business apps. The things that drive my need for more computing power are games and photo editing, and MS hasn’t exactly been doing much to win over either gamers or game developers on the PC lately.
    Even if Win8 had been the best MS OS yet, it is still unlikely it would have driven a PC sales surge.

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