If I wrote about every dumb press release or statement I got from a PR company, I’d never get any work done.

But today’s release from PC Tools is a classic.

Dick Smith Electronics has started selling the company’s software. It isn’t much of a news story, not much of a justification for a press release. We’ll let that one go. How the Dick Smith company wastes its money is its own affair. Or maybe not.

The self-aggrandisement is almost satirical. This isn’t a simple matter of a shop flogging software. It is, ta da! “a retail partnership”.

PC Tools sales director says: “New Zealand has always been part of our global expansion plans”. No doubt he operates this plan from an underground lair in an extinct volcano with a monorail.

The release also mentions “an affordable pricing model”. This means cheap, but that’s a word PR people hate to see because readers may connect it with shoddy.

From my experience using PC Tools, the company needs to spend some money making its software usable – not filling the world with pointless press releases.