This morning this comment from an un-named person at POLi payments appeared on my website:

Hi billbennettnz,
I work at POLi Payments. We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with our service. Let us help you resolve any account issues you may be experiencing by visiting our Contact page. We value your business and hope we can continue to offer you a safer way of payments online.

As long-time sufferers of poor service will immediately notice its full of the usual crappy, meaningless platitudes. I swear these companies just cut and paste messages like this out of “Fake Sincerity for Dummies” or something similar.

Why am I not impressed? Surely, you may be thinking, someone at POLi wants to help.

Because it took POLi 17 months to respond. The original story whinging about the crap online payment system for Air New Zealand tickets was posted in May 2011.

Seventeen months later… hang on let me do that again… SEVENTEEN MONTHS LATER someone wants me to visit the contact page to help resolve the account issues.



4 thoughts on “POLi payments goes from farce to tragedy

  1. It gets worse. Luckily it never worked on Mac or I would have tried to use it to pay for airline tickets.

    On ASB Bank website dated yesterday ” Through our proactive security and fraud monitoring we have identified the POLi payment service is “spoofing/mirroring” the ASB and Bank Direct secure internet banking sites so that they look identical to our genuine sites, and capture customer information. The POLi payment service is offered as a payment option by a number of NZ online websites. ”

    “If you are an ASB or Bank Direct customer, we recommend that you do not use the POLi payment service due to the security risks involved. We are not associated with, and have never endorsed, POLi.”
    (dead link)

    • I’ve had a similar email from the BNZ. The whole thing is concerning but both ASB and BNZ are not associated with nor endorse POLi but they are both still listed against the banks that support along with:

      * ANZ
      * Westpac
      * TSB Bank
      * The National Bank
      * Bank Direct
      * Kiwibank

      I’m still trying to find out how to make sure my POLi account is deleted!

  2. The problem with POLi (apart from attitude and implementation) is that it’s a cludge around a very simple service the banks could provide:
    – just have a URL that takes amount, transfer account and reference as parameters (encrypted to avoid disclosing recipient bank details if they want)
    – the site sends the buyer off to that URL, they log in to online banking normally and accept the payment
    – the reference pops up in the vendors bank feed, sale complete..

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