Craig McGill‘s tips telling bloggers how to get the most out of public relations people (no longer online) is an eye-opener.

The 15 tips on offer veer between bleeding obvious at one extreme and  a heartfelt plea on behalf of an industry needing to deal with inexperienced, paranoid nincompoops at the other.

After reading it you will feel sorry for the PR people – which isn’t something you’d expect.

Nevertheless, if you’re rubbing up against paid flacks for the first time, there’s some useful advice. Item six is most useful:

The PR person may be a tech-wizard and be an online guru but if their client doesn’t like online and doesn’t want to engage online, don’t blame the PR person. The PR person is very much in the middle a lot of the time.

If you’re on the other side of the fence, there’s also 15 Tips for PRs dealing with bloggers.

Number one is essential reading:

You cannot control the message.

Accept that right now (and while we’re at it, you rarely controlled the message with journalists either, so get rid of that illusion now). You can send a blogger all the stuff you want, if they don’t like it, they don’t like it. And they’ll tell the world.

What you can do is have a conversation. Use comment boxes. Don’t just send them a freebie and think that’s job done.

And this one echoes down the years:

Accept that nothing you say is off-record and that every email you send the blogger may end up public. Ditto with phone calls

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