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Purging Windows 8 Metro apps

Three months after installing Windows 8, I decided to get rid of the annoying Metro — or Modern if you prefer — apps. The apps are designed for touch screen users — that’s not me. They don’t work well with a keyboard and mouse. What’s more, they look ridiculous on my 24-inch screen.

Lifehacker Australia offers a method for getting completely rid of the default modern apps. The guide is comprehensive but means using the command line and is a little too final for my taste.

Instead, I just went to the start page, then right clicked on the various apps before selecting the uninstall option. Simple.



5 thoughts on “Purging Windows 8 Metro apps

  1. May I ask what is the deal with people and the commandline? Do you know? Is it fear of the unknown?

    1. For me it’s quite simple, I’m so unused to using the command line that I have to hunt around and reference everything I do – which takes time. A lot of time.

      I grew up with command line interfaces and spent some time working with Linux, so I’m not bothered in principle.

      For people who aren’t especially technical, command line interfaces are hard to deal with.

      1. The thing is, isn’t it easier to copy ‘rm -rf /’ from the ‘net and paste into a commandline and press enter than it is to ‘Go to Start Menu > Right-Click on Computer > Manage > Click on Disk Manager > Right Click on C: > Format > Click OK’

        Of course you need to trust what you are typing, but you also need to trust the steps people get you to do as well.

    1. I am against things like these, not because the start menu sucked, but because you are just delaying the inevitable. Eventually you have to use Metro (and won’t have had the chance to learn it) or try something else. In that vein I offer KDE: https://community.kde.org/Windows or CairoShell (idk progress on that one). Or Linux or Mac or Android or iOS.

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