Want to know if your job is in danger?

Here’s a list of ten warning signs you could be the next white collar employee to lose their job. To figure out your chances of getting the chop answer each question giving yourself two points if the answer is a definite yes and one point for a maybe.

If your total is less than two, breath a sigh of relief. You’re fine.

A score of two means you may have an opportunity to repair matters.

If your score is three you’ll need to lift your game now.

A score of four or five means you don’t need to panic, but it is time to polish up your CV and stick a toe in the job market as you’ll probably be shown the door in the next six months.

If you score six points or more then get in touch with a recruitment consultant now because you are on borrowed time.

Warning signs:

  • No matter what the window dressing, you’re doing pretty much the same work today that you were doing two years ago.
  • You’ve received no significant formal training in the past year while most of your colleagues have. Short functional courses of a single day or less don’t count.
  • You’ve been working at the same effective managerial or reporting level for five or more years (moving companies, job titles or departments doesn’t count).
  • You no longer get paraded in front of key customers or clients. This might show itself in a different way but the general idea is that you are no longer treated as if you are a drawcard.
  • There’s not as much work to do these days as there was in the past.
  • You no longer get consulted about major policy decisions.
  • The last pay review saw you get a minimal pay rise – probably just a cost of living increment. Score an extra point if you got no pay rise at all.
  • The last restructure left you with less responsibility.
  • Meetings take place without your participation even though you feel that should have been involved.
  • You suspect there are important things going on but you are not in ‘the loop’. This might manifest itself by a sudden lack of eye contact.

Finally, add one point if you are over 40, two points if you are over 45 and three points if you are over 50. 

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  1. Oh dear! I stopped counting having already made it to the point of needing a recruitment consultant on your last line alone.

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