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Recruiters are brutal when sifting through resumes and CVs. As Brad Remillard explains in  How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less it seems disrespectful, but from their point of view it makes sense.

He says his first pass over a pile of resumes is box-checking. He can quickly rules out many candidates in a matter of seconds. Here’s an example of how he works:

Industry. If my client is in banking and your background is primarily manufacturing – goodbye.  These two often are so different that the client isn’t open to considering such different industries. This works both ways, if you have a manufacturing background I’m not going to consider someone with banking. 2-3  seconds to determine this.

I’ve hired many journalists in my time and I usually take a similar approach – at least with the first cut. If I advertise a job and it asks for X,Y and Z, then I toss out all the applications which don’t have them.

And because I’m an editor, when I hire journalists I immediately cut applications or CVs with spelling or grammar mistakes. I’m unlikely to keep poorly written ones either.

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